Senior Specialist for Settlements

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The job aims at monitoring and controlling settlement payments and card services with their operational handling and ensuring proper and timely payments and card processes, ensuring business continuity is maintained in the area based on the reports delivered by third parties.

Principal tasks
Monitoring all contracts with third parties (affiliated and unaffiliated) relating to cards and payments and settlements functions, business relations regarding handling of payments and cards.
Ensuring proper and timely performance of payments and cards orders, including ensuring the continuity of operations.
Monitoring and verification of postings on payment and card settlement accounts.
Performing other payments-related duties required by the project and concerned with operational handling.
Participation in recommendations to Bank's management regarding payments, cards and back office operational matters.
Monitoring of Bank's Nostro accounts relating to cards and payments settlements.
Analysis of operational reports created by third parties respective departments and act accordingly.
Ongoing monitoring and control of third parties and evaluation of performance and execution of all outsourced Services related to Payments, Cards and Settlements and control if all Services are delivered within stipulated SLAs and KPIs.
Risk analysis and liaison with Bank's risk department and other departments.
Settlements of payments, Treasury Back.

Payments products/services-related knowledge and experience.
Financial background.
Knowledge of technology used in payment systems; financial industry operational and payment and card systems requirements and market practices would be an asset; statutes and regulations related to payment and settlement systems would be an asset.
Degree (in Economics/Finance/Banking).
Ability to solve problems.
Very good communication and teamwork skills .
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